Frequently Asked Questions


They say we should be eating more raw foods. That’s all we needed to hear to whip up another batch of cookie dough.


Is this dough really safe to eat unbaked?

Just Dough It cookie dough is absolutely safe to eat! Every one of our recipes are safe to consume as they are. UNBAKED and delicious! Our ingredients are intended to eat as they are, with no need to bake before taking your first delightful bite!


But doesn’t cookie dough contain eggs?

Our recipes to do not include eggs and all of our desserts and treats are ready to eat. Just Dough It is your local UNBAKERY!


What about the flour you use? Is it raw?

We use a heat-treated, ready-to-eat flour. Safe and ready to dig into.


Can I travel with my cookie dough?

While our recipes are safe to eat unbaked, they do require refrigeration. When traveling with Just Dough It desserts we recommend placing the items in a cooler with ice packs or insulated bags.


How should I store my dough? How long will it last?

While our recipes are safe to eat unbaked, they require refrigeration for storage.  At Just Dough It we pride ourselves on using only the freshest ingredients without additives and preservatives. If you choose to refrigerate our amazing cookie dough they will last up to three weeks and frozen up to 3 months. We doubt they will last that long…mmmm dough-licious!